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    Dream retirement home with staying power

  • Ron and Caprice Pratt worked their entire lives to have a waterside retirement home. When they finally got the opportunity to build it, they wanted to be sure their siding held up to the harsh weather and significant annual rainfall. So when it came to siding must-haves, low maintenance and durability were at the top of the list.

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    Because it can rain for days or weeks here, we needed quality siding that was bulletproof.
    Ron and Caprice PrattHomeowners

    Low confidence in Cement and Cedar

    The Pratts needed low-maintenance, durable siding that stood up to the Sitka, Alaska weather. Cement board didn’t instill them with confidence. “If there are any defects in paint or primer, water will get in there and disintegrate the cement board,” Ron explained. “Because it can rain for days or weeks on end here, we really needed quality siding that would prevent water intrusion.” They also ruled out cedar siding, due to the effort and cost of staining it every five to eight years.

  • High expectations for Celect

    The more the Pratts learned about Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®, the more they were convinced it was the perfect siding solution to withstand the region’s weather and deliver standout design. Celect’s high impact-resistant finish staves off rain, snow, dust, heat and wind. Its patented interlocking joints prevent water intrusion and create a seamless appearance. And its array of styles replicate the curb appeal of wood without the maintenance.

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