• It's a simple equation: No maintenance + No hassles = No buyer's remorse

    Celect pays for itself over the life of the home by relieving you of the cost and trouble of periodic repainting and constant upkeep.

    Celect is not susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions. Nor is it vulnerable to mold, mildew or rot. Celect does not attract insects. Additionally, Celect is easy to clean. It doesn't buckle or "oilcan" over time. Celect also has a Kynar Aquatec® factory finish backed by a 25-year finish warranty against moisture, abuse and UV damage.

    Here's a little money-saving bonus.

    Something most homeowners don't think about when they're selecting siding is installation costs. That's where Celect can save you money again. Because Celect is lightweight and easy for contractors to install, it means the job can be finished faster, reducing labor costs.